Teaching Noah

Teaching Noah is a teaching platform I've created to help technology become a stronger tool for children in the Auti... Read more

Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction went through a major rebranding and recruited me to help update/reinvent their brand presence and intro... Read more

Hi and Thank You

A travel blog I created to document an eight month journey through Southeast Asia. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand,... Read more

We Multiply

As a freelance creative strategist, I established the branding, both strategically and visually, of the interactive arm ... Read more

I Heart Photobooth

A photobooth can be the life of  a party. It creates the fun while simultaneously capturing it. Simple idea, but the ... Read more

Elephant Odyssey

To promote an upcoming exhibit, San Diego Zoo needed to create buzz,  so a multilevel elephant game was born. I helped ... Read more

Subway Interactive Experience: Concept

I helped to concept, design, and present an idea of how to transform a space within a metro station into a fully immersi... Read more

Little Keys

Using recycled keyboards, Little Keys allows toddlers and little kids to bang away on brightly colored keys to create pl... Read more

Boar’s Head

A banner campaign that focuses on better eating, Boar's Head created "Stop. Think. Eat." Comparing calorie intake of Boa... Read more

Alpha Settle

As a debt settlement company, Alpha Settle's chief objective is to be an informative "launch pad" leading to users conta... Read more

Nike Russia

This grassroots Nike campaign "Don't let ____ stop you" was aimed at empowering the street youth of Russia. By collectin... Read more

Self Portrait

This mosaic portrait is composed of 3000 images from various angles from the front of my head, and then organized to rec... Read more

Untitled Looks

This physical installation uses human voyeuristic tendancies to examine the relationship between exploring and being ex... Read more

YouTube Portraits

A portrait may traditionally be thought of as a very personal and revealing pursuit, capturing a moment of honesty for o... Read more

Performance Art

To depict and demonstrate the movement of performance art visually. Performance art relies heavily on the audience, so ... Read more


A personal art project and social commentary on the amount of personal information shared on social networks. When a... Read more

REM tweet

Dreams are a whimsical mix of thoughts, daily influences, and analysis. Sometimes they don't mean anything, and yet othe... Read more